This site came about as a result of a conversation a few years ago between Marty and JJ Clancy.  It was shortly after a documented divine miracle had taken place surrounding the birth of JJ’s second daughter.  The conversation was about the need for Christians to be able to share about the God-events in their lives.  JJ said the Internet could be used for this purpose.

We believe the founding of this website is divinely inspired and directed by the confirmation of the Holy Spirit.  We see the monumental need for a Christian testimonial forum for more people to share their stories.  This site provides a platform that may not have otherwise been available as we realize that only so many people will be able to testify on TV or in other public ways.

We believe the name was also divinely inspired because the Church needs “fresh” and the world is seeking “proof”.  We affirm that ALL glory belongs to God and Him alone for any good news coming from this site.


Marty Clancy

JJ Founder Photo

JJ Clancy